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The vacation rental world is always changing, but with the advent of vacation rental websites, it has become easier to get your property out there, especially when you choose the oldest option, VRBO, as your platform. It may be hard to believe, but Whitefish VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) has been around since 1995—although they have changed ownership at least a couple of times during that 26 years—and if this is your first investment, it can take away some of the worries you may be having about all that needs to be done to get your property in rental condition. But knowing that you still have to clean, style, and prepare the property for the influx of guests you can expect your small-town rental to receive, not to mention take in the money, do the paperwork, and prepare the taxes, you may be feeling like you are in over your head. The list of tasks can be endless, but if you consider hiring I Love Whitefish for all your property management needs, it will almost be like receiving another month in your year! This guide to the time we can save you and the money we can make you will ensure that your property in Whitefish will be as successful as you’d hoped!

Increase Your ROI With Whitefish VRBO

The all important return on investment will reach new levels when you choose I Love Whitefish VRBO to manage your property. Offering full control of your Whitefish property while still managing to do the lion’s share of the work means homeowners feel a part of the money-making process without being overwhelmed! Starting with design tips that help your home look and feel more luxurious and ending with the ugly little details (otherwise known as taxes!), we handle nearly every aspect of renting your home, maintaining transparency the entire time. Not sure what color scheme is most appealing? We can give you a few ideas, starting with the simple fact that gray and white is super popular at the moment! But because extra beds can equate to a higher ROI, we can gently nudge you in the direction of comfortable sofa beds, and beds with trundles that can be hidden away in a corner, just as we can guide you through every step of the design process and hire the photographers that show your property at its best!

In for the Long Haul

You have spent a lot of money on this investment, and you are hoping that it will last for years to come. Because the longer you own it, the more money it can make you, we hire an in-house maintenance and cleaning crew to keep it in tip top condition! The cleaning crew does the initial setup cleaning and then takes care of the necessary chores before and after each set of travelers, being sure to disinfect and sanitize according to today’s more stringent guidelines. The maintenance crew may not be on scene as often, but regular inspections and the tinkering that goes along with appliance ownership will keep all appliances big and small doing what they should do for the expanse of their natural lifetime! When the unthinkable does happen, they are on hand to fix any problems 24/7, just as we at I Love Whitefish will be answering the phones, even at two in the morning. Guests want problem-free living accommodations on vacation, and when emergencies happen, they want immediate response; can you really blame them? You are receiving the premium amount for their stay with you (we also do the research to ensure you aren’t charging too much or too little!), and if they want peace of mind and instant responses, that is exactly what they will get!

Another benefit to choosing I Love Whitefish is knowing that we live and play here, and our “concierge” services will allow your guests to enjoy everything that is wonderful about our small Montana town! Many vacationers do not know what to expect when visiting a place for the first time, and although they may have a vague idea of visiting Glacier National Park or watching the sunset from the back porch with a glass of wine, they may not know about the horseback riding adventures, fishing expeditions, or hiking trails that give their getaway an extra boost of fun until we show them how it is done.

Behind the Scenes

Of course, there is a lot of paperwork (and math!) involved with managing vacation rentals, and we can handle it all. From taking in the money and filing the quarterly taxes to preparing the end of year paperwork that the tax man requires, I Love Whitefish does it all! Give us a call today and let’s get started on the partnership that will make your property the success you knew it could be. Contact us!

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