Whitefish, Montana, boasts not only breathtaking scenery but also lively farmers markets that are a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. These markets offer a glimpse into the heart of the community, showcasing the best of local produce, crafts and food. Whether you’re a seasoned local or a first-time visitor, exploring the markets of Whitefish is an experience you don’t want to miss during your visit.

Whitefish Downtown Farmers Market

Every Tuesday evening, from late spring to early fall, the Whitefish Downtown Farmers Market transforms the North end of Central Avenue into a bustling hub of activity. Local farmers and artisans gather to display their goods, offering everything from farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to handmade crafts and savory treats. With live music adding to the ambiance, it’s the perfect place to soak up the vibrant atmosphere and support local businesses. Stroll through the market, chatting with vendors and sampling the diverse array of products. Whether you’re searching for the perfect ingredients for a home-cooked meal or looking for unique souvenirs to take home, you’ll find it all at the Whitefish Downtown Farmers Market.

Kalispell Farmers Market

A short drive from Whitefish, the Kalispell Farmers Market exudes a strong sense of community and camaraderie. Here, visitors can browse various products directly from the producers, including farm-fresh produce, homemade baked goods and unique handmade crafts. It’s a chance to connect with the people behind the products and experience the authentic flavors and culture of the region. Wander through the market stalls, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of local Montana life. Whether you’re picking up ingredients for a picnic in Glacier National Park or simply enjoying a relaxing afternoon of browsing, the Kalispell Farmers Market offers something for everyone.

Bigfork Outdoor Flea Market

Discover a treasure trove of antiques, collectibles and unique finds at the Bigfork Outdoor Flea Market. Open seasonally, this bustling market offers a diverse array of vendors selling everything from vintage furniture to handmade crafts. Located amidst the stunning scenery of Bigfork, Montana, it’s the perfect place to spend a day exploring the aisles of vendors and uncovering hidden gems. Whether you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind piece for your home or simply enjoying the atmosphere, the Bigfork Outdoor Flea Market promises an unforgettable experience.

Polson Flathead Lake Flea Market

Nestled near the shores of Flathead Lake, the Polson Flathead Lake Flea Market offers a unique shopping experience against a backdrop of natural beauty. Browse through rows of vendors selling antiques, artwork and handmade crafts, soaking in the laid-back atmosphere of this lakeside market. From vintage treasures to local souvenirs, there’s something for everyone to discover at the Polson Flathead Lake Flea Market. Spend a day exploring the stalls, chatting with vendors and enjoying the scenic views of Flathead Lake.

Antique Shopping

If you’ve scoured the local flea markets and farmers’ markets in Whitefish without finding exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry. Venture into one of the town’s charming antique stores, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of vintage finds waiting to be taken home. From antique furniture to unique collectibles, these shops offer a curated selection of one-of-a-kind items that add character and charm to any home. Take a stroll through the aisles, and you may just stumble upon that perfect piece to complete your collection or add a touch of nostalgia to your space.

Vacation Rentals in Whitefish

Discover the ultimate property for your Whitefish adventure with our diverse selection of vacation rentals tailored to suit every traveler’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a lakeside escape, a cozy cabin with stunning mountain vistas or a charming holiday home in town, we have the perfect lodging option for you.

Experience the convenience of fully equipped kitchens in our rentals, allowing you to prepare delicious meals using fresh ingredients sourced from the local farmers’ markets. After a day of exploring the vibrant community and natural beauty of Whitefish, relax in the comfortable living areas furnished with everything you need for a cozy stay. From soft linens to well-maintained bathrooms, our rentals offer all the comforts of home.

Select vacation rentals are pet-friendly for those traveling with pets, ensuring that every member of the family can join in on the fun. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a trip with friends, our vacation rentals provide the perfect setting for a memorable stay in Whitefish.

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Experience the charm and hospitality of Whitefish, Montana, through its vibrant farmers markets and flea markets. Explore the local flavors, discover unique treasures and support the community while enjoying the stunning surroundings of the Rocky Mountains. And when it’s time to unwind, retreat to one of our comfortable vacation rentals, where relaxation and adventure await. Book your stay today and experience a memorable journey through the heart of Whitefish. Contact us today!


Travelers who can’t wait to get out of town and explore a new destination that’s equal parts scenic and exciting will find it waiting for them in Whitefish, Montana. This welcoming and endlessly beautiful mountain town is a place on the map that has a tantalizing collection of trails, peaks, lakes, and in-town fun just waiting to be discovered. In Whitefish, Montana, there’s something for everyone to enjoy whether you’re looking to kick back and savor the views, or you can’t wait to get out and enjoy as much adventure as possible each day you’re here.

Whitefish is located just 26 miles from Glacier National Park’s west entrance and no matter what season you arrive, you’ll find a long list of activities to boost your itinerary. When the fresh powder falls, Whitefish becomes a mecca of opportunity for downhill enthusiasts who are excited to hit the ski slopes in style. In fact, National Geographic has named Whitefish one of the “Top 25 Ski Towns in the World” for this very reason! In the warmer weather months of the year, Whitefish’s location on the shores of Whitefish Lake and the base of Big Mountain makes it the perfect place for on-the-water fun, wildlife watching, and hiking gorgeous trails. When cravings come calling, downtown Whitefish is a charming place to explore local cafes followed up by time browsing one-of-a-kind shops.

With so much to do in town and out in nature, it’s no wonder that visitors often find their first time in Whitefish becomes one of many trips this way in the name of fun. When you can’t wait to experience this stunning destination for yourself, the following is your ultimate guide to sightseeing in Whitefish, Montana to make the most of every moment you’re here.

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Getting to Whitefish, Montana Is a Breeze

No matter where your point of origin might be, getting to Whitefish is a breeze. When you’re planning on flying in to enjoy the best sightseeing possible, you’ll want to make plans to land at Glacier Airport in Kalispell. Once you arrive, there are plenty of rental car options on-site and Whitefish can be reached in less than an hour following Route 93. While Montana is a vast state, the highway system is concise, and you won’t have any problems following this well-marked route into town. If you would like to extend your sightseeing to include even more scenic landscapes along the way, you can always choose to fly into Spokane, Washington, and rent a vehicle here instead. You’ll want to plan on a 4- to 5-hour drive from Spokane to Whitefish depending on the weather but the reward for your added drive time comes in the form of breathtaking views. It’s good to note that Amtrak’s Empire Builder also stops daily in Whitefish so if you prefer to take the train, this is an option as well.

Visit Glacier National Park in Whitefish, MT

Getting Around Once You Arrive

Many visitors setting out on a sightseeing journey to Whitefish wonder if they’ll need a vehicle while they’re in town and the answer is a resounding yes. Whitefish hosts just one taxi company alongside a limited public bus route known as Eagle Transit, so if you have plans to explore beyond the downtown area exclusively, you’re going to want to have your own wheels to get around. This is especially true if your trip includes time at nearby places like Glacier National Park, Swan Lake, the Kootenai Forest, or Flathead Lake to name a few of many. There are certainly park shuttles you can take upon arrival at Glacier National Park and in the wintertime, Whitefish Mountain Snow Bus takes passengers from downtown to mountain summits daily. However, if you want to have control over your schedule and sightseeing plans with room to be flexible when inspiration strikes, having a rental car booked for the duration of your stay is a must.

Seasonal Weather Expectations for Sightseeing

In all fairness, there’s no bad time of year to head to Whitefish in the name of vacation and sightseeing fun. However, having an idea of the weather expectations in each season can help you customize your adventure according to the activities you’re most looking forward to enjoying. Whether you’re here on your own, as a couple on a romantic escape, or in the company of family and friends, you’ll find every season has its charms. If you’re inclined to head out and explore when the snow begins to fall and temperatures drop, you’ll find ample reasons to make your way to Whitefish in the winter. Whitefish typically sees its first snowflakes in late November when temperatures fluctuate between 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and 20 below zero at night. While the valley is often overcast in the winter, those who make their way to mountain summits to ski will typically catch glimpses of sunnier skies overhead. On average, you can expect about 20 feet of snow each year in Whitefish meaning you’ll want to pack your best winter gear, and you can definitely count on great slopes waiting to be enjoyed.

By spring, rain makes its way into Whitefish and encourages an impressive collection of wildflower blooms across the landscape. If you’re a nature photographer, you’ll want to grab your raincoat and your camera for a sightseeing getaway here in this season which is wet, but colorful. Temperatures can fluctuate between 40 degrees and 70 degrees in the daytime giving you options to pair indoor and outdoor activities. If you happen to be a thrill seeker, the deluge of spring rain means there are also options to book a heart pounding wild water rafting experience when you’re in town.

When summer rolls around, every opportunity to get out and explore is right at your fingertips. Summer is a popular season for visiting Whitefish thanks to ample sunshine and warm weather. By mid-summer, you can count on temperatures making their way up into the 90s and very little humidity thanks to the town’s northwest location in the state.

Fall is a mild and inviting time of year to explore mountain peaks, take to the trails, and enjoy changing seasonal colors. After Labor Day, daytime temperatures linger in the mid-60s and 70s making for a wonderfully pleasant experience as long as you’ve packed layers. Some of the top peak trails to check out in the fall include the Lion Mountain Trail, Whitefish Valley Lookout, and the National Recreation Trail. It’s also a fantastic season for bird watching, so don’t forget your binoculars as you explore.

Go kayaking in Whitefish, Montana

Warm-Weather Sightseeing Activities

It’s hard to imagine a warm-weather getaway to Whitefish with sightseeing as a priority that doesn’t include quality time at Whitefish Lake. There’s nothing more refreshing than an afternoon of kayaking or paddleboarding on the water while those who are looking to pick up the pace are more than welcome to rent boats and jet skis at the Whitefish Marina. Whitefish City Beach is another great stop when you’re up for a day on the sand. This fun and family-friendly destination is located just a mile from downtown and comes with free public access included.

You’ll also want to make time on the itinerary for a day enjoyed at stunning Glacier National Park. Just 26 miles from town, you can enjoy a day of hiking, wildlife watching, and learning more about the amazing landscapes that await. Glacier National Park sprawls over 1 million acres of terrain so there’s no way to see everything at once, but it’s a destination that will inspire you to return to discover more! When you’re here, you’ll be in a place that hosts more than 1,000 species of plants, hundreds of species of wildlife, and more than 130 lakes. This park is nicknamed “Crown of the Continent” for a reason, and many would understandably point to the 25 glaciers on-site. Sun Road is a must if you’re looking for gorgeous views while hiking and you’ll want to keep your eyes open along the way for views of marmots, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats.

On Tuesday evenings in the summertime, stick around downtown to browse the Whitefish Farmer’s Market alongside family and friends. This market is hosted at the north end of Central Avenue and is a one-stop resource for fresh produce, flowers, handcrafted goods and beyond. The inclusion of live music and food trucks makes the experience even more inviting.

Yet another way to enjoy spectacular sightseeing in Whitefish in the summer is to book your place on a trail ride. Over at Bar W Guest Ranch, you can enjoy taking part in savoring the sights in the saddle between May and November. Trail rides take you through meadows and woodlands alongside a knowledgeable guide who can offer up history and insight into the area along the way. If you’re looking for more to add to your must-try list in summer, make sure your trip to Whitefish also includes rock climbing and golf!

Cold Weather Fun

While the lush terrain that adorns Whitefish in the summer is always a treat, there’s something just as revitalizing about the glittering snow-covered terrain you find here in the winter. Whitefish’s location in the heart of the Rockies means you can count on Alpine charm paired with pristine wilderness to explore. One of the best places to start is Whitefish Mountain which is a family-friendly ski area where you can enjoy access to slopes fit for all skill levels, on-site lessons, tubing, and winter hiking options as well. There’s an alpine slide to check out when you’re looking for something everyone in your traveling crew will love and you can’t go wrong with a gondola ride that offers up a bird’s eye view over the frozen landscapes including Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park in the distance. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing area also great ways to enjoy winter sightseeing in Whitefish thanks to miles of meticulously groomed trails to check out. For those who love to cycle their way through a stay and don’t want to give up on the fun just because winter is in full swing, renting a fat tire bike through Glacier Cyclery & Nordic is always the right choice. For sightseeing at a faster clip, consider spending at least one day making the most of a snowmobiling adventure through the Flathead Valley’s alpine forests. If you’re more comfortable exploring as part of a tour group, you can book your place through Swan Mountain Snowmobiling.

Discover hiking trails in Whitefish, MT

Sightseeing Tours to Try

Beyond snowmobiling, tours of all types are available to participate in when you head to Whitefish and want to maximize your sightseeing fun. If you love hiking but want to learn more about your surroundings along the way, booking a guided hike is a great option. The Avalanche Lake guided day hike offered at Glacier National Park comes with an expert guide, transportation to the meeting point, and insight into wildlife and geology as you trek. Biking tours are offered locally through Adventure Cycling and Whitefish Outfitters while guided climbing adventures can be enjoyed alongside the professionals at The Mountain Guides. Red Bus Tours through Glacier National Park are also readily available with vehicles able to host up to 16 people at a time.

Eateries to Enjoy in Town

After all of that fantastic sightseeing, there’s a good chance you’ll have an appetite to attend to. Feel free to do some culinary sightseeing in Whitefish with a stop at Jersey Boys Pizzeria. Located at 550 E. 1st Street, this delicious destination in town is the perfect place to pick up a New York slice right in the heart of Montana. Over at Montana Coffee Traders downtown, you can fuel up with a caffeine fix whenever it’s needed most. They also have several locations around the Flathead Valley. If you’re in the mood for French fare, make your way to 103 Central Avenue and enjoy a bite at the Fleur Bake Shop. This welcoming destination is designed to feel like a European café and the combination of French-style pastries, small plates, and artisan breads will have you enjoying palate-pleasing moments in no time. For a sit-down dinner that’s elegant and comes with a great view, be sure to set aside time to enjoy a meal at the Boat Club Restaurant. Located at 1380 Wisconsin Avenue, this stop offers up lake views, hosts patio dining, and has live music on the lineup at least three nights a week.

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No matter when your travel plans bring you to Whitefish, the team at I Love Whitefish has the vacation rentals in Whitefish you need to top off your stay in luxury and style. Reach out today to learn more and to start planning your next trip to Montana.

In the professional workplace, it’s common practice for vacation to be approached as regulated time set aside for employees to leave their daily responsibilities behind and enjoy time away from the office. In fact, it’s commonplace for many employees to plan out their vacations a year in advance, just to make sure work and life don’t collide in unexpected ways. While this standard has found its way into many professional environments over the years and has become an expectation for employees, the year 2020 has found a way to turn those expectations upside down.

As COVID-19 made its way onto the global scene, the concept of work and life balance was nearly instantaneously changed. As offices began to shut down within a matter of weeks, employees found themselves quickly turning homes into not only personal makeshift offices, but very often at-home schools as well. Stress levels were precariously balanced as employees searched for routes to creating a space in the home where work could get done well, children could still play and education still had a primary seat at the table too. Saying it’s been challenging is an understatement and unfortunately, travel has taken a back seat to more pressing matters over the course of the year so far.

As the initial shock of these changes wears off, it’s important to look for the bright spots within the chaos. For those that are now working remotely, it can be easy to overlook the fact that working through technology opens up the option of truly working from anywhere at all! If home is becoming a bit too small and a new vantage point and perspective would go a long way towards helping you be productive, perhaps planning a vacation where work comes with
you is the way to go.

Setting your sights on a vacation destination that inspires doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Instead, vacation in 2020 can become a combined work and escape effort where remote employees book into vacation rentals that are equipped for work productivity and keep them close to the fun of a vacation as well! If you’re ready to hit the road without sacrificing your professional goals, consider booking a stay in a Whitefish vacation rental this year and let nature guide the way to incredible moments while checking off those work to-do lists as well.

Book a Fun and Productive Whitefish Vacation

There’s something to be said about a place where dynamic scenery and options for outdoor adventure are as easy to achieve as moments of productive work and Whitefish, Montana brings the best of it all. Guests who book into a welcoming vacation rental with the help of the team at Whitefish Rentals will enjoy a stay that offers up comfortable furnishings, convenient locations, and stunning views that make for a motivating workplace away from home. Many of our properties are seamlessly designed with access to Wi-Fi and high-speed internet services in combination with incredible locations. This pairing makes your workday fly by and options for fun always sitting just outside your front door. When you’re booked for a video conference or two, book a stay that includes access to large flat-screen televisions and stream your conferences with ease. Hoping to keep up with those well-deserved coffee breaks? Many of our properties are finished with fully equipped kitchens complete with modern appliances, offering up the perfect, savory solution.

Let Luxury Define Your Remote Working Experience

While the essential work requirements are important, half the fun of a vacation that provides for a place to work remotely as well lies in the luxurious details. When you book into one of our Whitefish rentals, guests will find they have options to enjoy a stay that includes access to spectacular views, tasteful furnishings, plush bedroom features, indoor fireplaces and much more! Create the stay that speaks to your personal sense of travel style while
enjoying access to outdoor fun just steps from your home away from home.

Exploring the Best of Whitefish

For the outdoor enthusiast, Whitefish, Montana is truly a small piece of paradise designed by Mother Nature to be explored and enjoyed. Situated next to Glacier National Park, a trip to Whitefish is bound to be filled with options to get out and enjoy time on lakes, exploring rugged peaks and of course admiring the view from the rim of glacier-cut valleys. Whitefish Mountain Resort is a popular destination for those that crave time exploring trails by mountain bike and the diversity of this landscape offers up much in the way of wildlife viewing.

Put a Positive Spin on 2020

This year has been a struggle across the map for those looking to establish a new sense of balance. However, with every difficulty comes an opportunity to create something exciting and when you book into a Whitefish rental, the possibilities are endless. Work from a home away from home that incorporates comfort and style without having to sacrifice that getaway you’ve been looking forward to. Contact our team of property professionals today to learn more about our many area options and how we can help you plan the ultimate Whitefish vacation that lets you bring work with you as well.

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